Gettin' busy on my website

It's Friday!! I can't believe it. Jose and I have been researching and visiting town homes, condos, houses, and apartments that are for rent. We love where we live, but city living is pricey and we want to start saving aggressively for a home.

There's this one place we enjoyed and has a LOT of space for a great price, but the landlord got a little crazy with the paint. There are seriously 6 different shades of paint going on in that house! And it doesn't even coordinate. At all. You guys... violet paired with green, brown living room, turquoise rooms, and a few darker blues here and there. Jose said she was a very meticulous painter. Really? Meticulous? See, I was thinking more along the lines of color blind...

Anyway! I've also been working on my website non-stop. As I was updating my portfolio I came across these two photos of Alexander and I could NOT decide which one to pick for my website!


or B)

Should I go with the surprised, hilariously cute one, or the adorable pouty one?

I know I've mentioned I've been working on my website and I wanted to give you guys a mini sneak peek of what's in the works. I'm not re-doing my site, I'm simply refining it, updating it, and cleaning it up to suit my style more. This involves a little color change too:

That's a piece of my new website background. I'm loving this color combination and feel it suits me a lot more. Playful, refined, and a little bit of funky ;) I just have a few more things to clean up and I'll finally be able to share it!

We'll be looking at more places this weekend and then I'll be packing for Texas. What about you?

Happy Friday!

Be My Love


I haven't posted this on Facebook yet, but I wanted to share with you all... our wedding website!

If you don't personally know me, you'll get to hear about how Jose & I met, our pictures, and our wonderful wedding party :) And because I really liked today's photo for my 100 Days Challenge :)... a twirl to match my mood!

p.s. Try not to make fun of my stick figure drawings too much ;) My soon-to-be-sis wasn't around for help!