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Outfit Chronicles: Featured on Phoenix New Times Blog!

Who knew this little girl on the right wearing an outfit that looks like Beetlejuice dressed her would one day be featured on the Phoenix New Times Blog talking about... fashion?

If my mother pulled that off on me, then my little girl should be alright. Anyway, I'm honored to be on the Phoenix New Times Blog!! :) Titled "What Are you Wearing?" I was interviewed by Hannah Hayes on my fashion outlook and influences. So go check it out first, then come back!

Go on. I'll be here waiting when you're done.

Did you go see it? Okay... so I decided to do an Outfit Chronicles based on the outfit I wore to the interview...

Top (actually a dress) + necklace: from boutique in Spain, belt: Buffalo Exchange, skirt: Express, clutch: freebie at Dillards make-up counter, shoes: DSW clearance!, earrings (not visible) + bracelet (actually a necklace): F21.

Jose asked me "Kate Middleton is one of your style icons??" Weeeell... look who has opinions on fashion now.

I'm referring more to Kate pre-Duchess, when she didn't have professionals dressing her (but clearly I'm still drooling over what the pro's pick for her). In actuality I answered that question as "a combination of Kate Middleton and Gwen Stefani." It's not so much her style of clothes (English Modern Country) but the way that she and Gwen Stefani wear their clothes. They make it look so effortless and both couldn't have more different styles. If anyone can make "reserved" look feminine and modern -- that's Kate. Gwen makes punky boyish-style look feminine.

Whether you display it through delicious red lipstick or through dignified, tailored attire -- there's something about highlighting feminine elements in fashion that I absolutely love.

What artists' style do YOU admire? MY COMMENTS are fixed! Try them out -- you can post anonymously now too :) I see you grinning... creepers.