be true to yourself

Raw, Me oh My

I woke up inspired. I couldn't get the idea out of my head and in trying to step out of this rut, I picked up the phone and called Ana. "Don't worry about your outfit, don't worry about the location. I just need us to work on your hair and I need some bright lipsticks."

I grabbed these old pair of pink glasses, some lace fabric, and my camera. I was out the door.

With Ellie Goulding playing in the background, Ana and I each held a curling iron to her head as I tried my best to describe the concept in my head out loud. Although to be honest, in my head my goal was simply: focus and solidify my style.

No Plans Shoot -- part I

I couldn't believe that all I had to do was tie lace to a window in order for me to create some of my most favorite images. But you see, it wasn't the lace, the bold lipstick, or even the pink glasses. It was taking one thing I will always have, whether it's in the corner of a bedroom or in a beautiful studio set up -- and that's me. My perspective. And that, that right there is something I insist on growing for the rest of my life. Otherwise I'm left wanting different lenses, different props, and will lose what comes naturally.

Anyway. I just really want to encourage you all to do what comes naturally to you and know that you can make magic anywhere. It starts with being true to yourself. Thanks for letting me share this with you :) I'll be posting the second part next! In the mean time, I need to go lay down. I think I'm getting sick and need some serious rest =\ Happy Monday you inspiring people you.