Babies: Kent Lewis - Revisited

I might as well start calling you Auntie because you will be seeing Kent just as much as I will. First as a slightly smaller baby, and now as a slightly bigger baby who is looking more and more like a little man. And can you begin to imagine when he starts walking?!

Honestly, I'm honored to be able to capture this journey of my bestfriend's baby, watching his personality develop alongside his two front teeth. One day he will actually be a little man. What?! :)

I'm gonna go ahead and just say what you're thinking. The jeans diaper commercial baby has nothing on Kent.

And in case you were wondering....

... you can't take him home with you.

I tried.

Love you baby boy! Hope that brought some toothless smiles to your Wednesday ;)

Distraction: Babies and Children

I have a problem. Keep your children away. FAR away if you want them back. Honestly, I don't know what's going to happen when I'm blessed with children one day. Will I still be as obsessed? It's the most insanely magnetic feeling when I'm around kids and babies that I have to focus on the task at hand. My arms start to automatically reach out towards the baby (stranger or not) before I'm even aware I'm doing it! Thus my mind has to send my arms a message to chill out. Or maybe that's Jose's loud voice actually saying "chill out girl!"

I'll leave you with an example. My friend Hannah hired me to take photos of her beautiful baby shower last weekend and what is most likely to be at baby showers? Babies and children. And the game of bingo... but I digress. It only took seconds for my attention to drift...

Girls crack me up. Whether you want to attribute it to genetics or mimicking what we see socially, I'm amazed at how nurturing little girls are.

This little cutie took a stuffed lion that Hannah received with her gifts and decided it was her baby. I look over and see her wrapping the lion up with one of the tissue papers that littered the floor from opened gifts.

I was cracking up at her crafted blanket and the way she would cradle her lion. You better believe I was one of those little girls. Obsessed with babies then just like I am now.

Then apparently it was lion's nap time. Tucked in by his new mama lion ;)

So, really... do you BLAME me for being distracted?!

And Jose wants to put a quota on the number of photos I take when we have our own kids? At this rate you might as well come tie my hands. OUT OF CONTROL. I'm out of control.

Happy Friday ;)

Babies: Kent Samuel Lewis

Let's keep the Christmas spirit alive, shall we?

So my best friend Kristen had her first baby a few months ago and I kinda freaked out. Lots of people around me were having babies, and yeah -- I was excited for them, but then Kristen had hers. Then I experienced overwhelming excitement. I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional about it, but there I was ... recalling memories on my blog about us drawing on the bus seats in high school of our driver that looked like a turtle.

True to social media, her husband Billy kept us eagerly posted about her delivery on Facebook. We waited anxiously and then ... Kent was born. A beautiful, chubby cheeked, blue-eyed Lewis.

The day Kristen had her baby, I said: "Today my bestfriend, the face I've been SO familiar with in my childhood, is holding a child of her own." And here is the face I eagerly waited to see....

But there was no way I could post all of them at once. Instead, let's watch them. I think that's the best way to start your week after a weekend full of love :)

(Make sure to select the HD button & press the four arrows to watch in full screen!)

They're so special to me! Have a great week everyone :)

A (Scarf) Weekend Wrap Up

I was so sure I'd be sick by today seeing how hectic these last few days were and how much my body temperature fluctuated. Sleeping in my grandma's room the night before the twins' session on Friday was a baaaad idea. I hardly got any sleep, and had a late start on Friday.

Despite being a little groggy that morning, the weather was beautiful. I came prepared with a tank top in hand, anticipating the sweat that would come on this warm day full of babies, heaters, and photo taking. It was silly how hot I got -- like pseudo menopause or something! But sweat is a small price to pay when you get to create memories for your family. Go ahead and roll your eyes at my awesome Hallmark statement cause I absolutely mean it! :)

Not only did I get to photograph the babies of the cousin I'm closest to, but then I got to photograph my best friend's FIRST baby, AND (AND!) I had a fashion session with one of my greatest friends from high school! Remember the candy-cane scarf I used on the twins? I brought it over to Kristen's house in case I'd want to wrap it around baby Kent. When I actually ended up using it, Kristen jokingly said: "You should have Lauren wear it at one point too so everyone you photographed used that scarf."


So I did just that. At first, the scarf served as a blanket for two...

And then it made its appearance on this bundle of cuteness...

Finally, it was held close by this sexy snow bunny! :)

Okay, so there's no snow -- but it made me think of snow bunny :P

How adorable, precious, SEXY, and amazing was this experience?! Funny how each one had a piece of me :) I love all of these people to death and you'll hear much, much more about them when I post their sessions individually. I seriously can't wait for you to see these!

Hope that made your Monday just a little bit :)

Babies & Children: Natalee Johnson

Don't you love how she spells her name?

Let's give you a dose of cuteness on this Monday:

I told you! Cuteness overload..

With her daddy...

and with her grandparents!

I hope this makes you want to reach out and tickle those little toes!

Just look at those gorgeous eyes...

Beautiful girls!

You have to see how Bethany and Kylan love on Natalee. When they make her laugh, she has the cutest spit bubbles! You know you're adorable when your spit makes people go "awww." And as individuals, Kylan and Bethany are a blessing to get to know.

In case you didn't have enough pink or cuteness in your day -- now you do! Thank you Bethany & Kylan :)

p.s. I don't know how many of my readers create slideshows of their clients or their own children, but I have FINALLY put a small collection of the SWEETEST baby songs. I am NOT talking about "I Hope You Dance" or some other old school song. While I'm not trying to hate on Ms. Womack (I realize some oldies have associated memories), the times are changing and there is amazing talent you have to dig for. I suppose it's a personal preference, but I've gotten a lot of positive comments from parents about the music I choose and decided, why not share it? You can see examples of my videos here.

I was going to post it on a Photography Forum online (Open Source Photo) instead of my blog, but it will depend on the reader's response (since I don't know how many of my readers are actually interested in baby songs :). Give me a head's up if you'd like me to send you the list of artists and songs via comment or e-mail! Do you have a baby song you love? :) Happy Monday!