Sedona wedding

A Magnetic Love

He had eyes for absolutely no one else.

I posted on my Facebook yesterday that I may have just edited one of my most favorite films -- mostly because of the people in it.  Amanda and Brian.  They had no idea that I was filming pieces of their day to create a highlight film.

An elephant ring on her finger, three brilliant stars in the sky, and two hearts that were devoted to love each other like Christ loved the church.  I can guarantee you have never heard an engagement story like Amanda and Brian's (this is your cue to read it ;).

And in that moment as they made their vows to each other, shared their first kiss (literally their first kiss), I had never witnessed such magnetic, thrilling, and inspiring love.  I get to capture this?  Yes, yes, yes.  What a gift.

Amanda and Brian..

p.s. Guess who was my assisting videographer? My husband.  And guess who was BLOWN AWAY? This girl right here.  I watched what Jose captured and I just shook my head in awe that this was his first time.  Oh, and don't you worry -- the second I said this to him, he let the whole world know (as in, that's all I heard about that afternoon).  Totally deserving.  He snuck this talent on me for sure, and I absolutely love it ;)