Bisquick pancakes

Yummy 5 Minute Pancakes

I have never drank so much coffee! This always happens when I come home. Unless I'm eating cereal, my mom will always hand me a cup of coffee with my breakfast.

So. Hard. To. Decline. !!

Anyway, I wanted to share a YUMMY tip to Bisquick pancakes. We're talking tasty, 5 minute pancakes people!!! Listen up. Mind you, growing up the only time we had pancakes were when my Aunt would make them from scratch. You know the heaven-on-dough also known as crepes? That's what her pancakes tasted like! Pretty much dessert. So needless to say Bisquick pancakes were not anything exciting.


For every serving take a ripe banana. If it's not ripe, that's fine.

Break it into pieces into a bowl and pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Using a fork, mash the banana. Add to pancake mix. If you're feeling extra sweet add chocolate chips(!!). I love banana and chocolate AND bread (actually bread with most things makes me happy ;).

And that's it! A mashed banana into 1 serving of Bisquick mix.

Trust me on this. The bananas add SUCH a moist taste to the pancakes! I tried this one day when we had 2 ripe bananas and I was too lazy to make pancakes from scratch. I added the chocolate chips and when I tried the results it made me excited that the kitchen wouldn't look like a flour bomb exploded anymore for yummy pancakes!! Actually, the little time and effort it took was most exciting.

Go have some and tell me if it worked for you :)