Kelly & Mike: Mesa, Arizona Wedding

That little folded note you see up there?  That's a note from Mike's children letting Kelly and Mike both know that they will always be together.

And while we see a bold red, construction paper heart coming together as one - there are actually little hearts involved as well.

Little hearts that are at the core of this love and marriage... Kelly & Mike.
Over and over... one of my favorite moments.  A mom seeing her daughter in her dress for the first time.  I can recall this exact moment with many of my past brides.
I mean.... right?! 
Thank you Kelly and Mike for the beautiful night :)

Phoenix Fashion Week Highlight Film 2012

I am particularly fond of the grit in this.  There wasn't a plan or story, I just wanted to approach Phoenix Fashion Week with the funk that it deserved.

Like, kick off my heels, stand on a chair to get that shot kind of funk.  And I also left the monopod behind so this was all hand held.  It was between heels or the monopod.  Clearly both lost at one point.

Designer love and details later ;)  Furne One was the grand finale from Dubai.  And I mean grande finale.

Like a shot gun.

A Magnetic Love

He had eyes for absolutely no one else.

I posted on my Facebook yesterday that I may have just edited one of my most favorite films -- mostly because of the people in it.  Amanda and Brian.  They had no idea that I was filming pieces of their day to create a highlight film.

An elephant ring on her finger, three brilliant stars in the sky, and two hearts that were devoted to love each other like Christ loved the church.  I can guarantee you have never heard an engagement story like Amanda and Brian's (this is your cue to read it ;).

And in that moment as they made their vows to each other, shared their first kiss (literally their first kiss), I had never witnessed such magnetic, thrilling, and inspiring love.  I get to capture this?  Yes, yes, yes.  What a gift.

Amanda and Brian..

p.s. Guess who was my assisting videographer? My husband.  And guess who was BLOWN AWAY? This girl right here.  I watched what Jose captured and I just shook my head in awe that this was his first time.  Oh, and don't you worry -- the second I said this to him, he let the whole world know (as in, that's all I heard about that afternoon).  Totally deserving.  He snuck this talent on me for sure, and I absolutely love it ;)

A Woodsy Family Session: Gilbert, AZ

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph Cory's family, her sister Shannon's family, and their mom.  Cory is my dance instructor :)  You can imagine how excited I was when she asked me to be their family photographer.  Cory's style of dance is very feminine and intimate.  I love that her style of dancing completely resonates with my style of photography. But I had no idea these photos would be some of my absolute favorites...

Cory's little girl on the left and Shannon's girls on the center and right :)
This one just literally made my Monday... :) Roman, Cory's little fireball.
Cory, her mom Nancy, and Cory's sister Shannon.  I know.  The beauty is just incredible!


I mean, I just freakin' melted...
And a few more of my absolute favorites.  My dance instructor is not only a special person, but a beautiful mom..
What a breath taking family!

If you live in or near Phoenix and are interested in being part of her lady's dance team, you can find more details at Tropical Vibes Dance.  You'll find me and my busted feet there ;)