Yvette and Darren: Wedding Film

There are just certain couples that move you as an artist. Where you pull back at the completion of your work and think: this is where I want to be. And no matter how many other projects my crazy little brain wants to create - I don't think there's anything like the celebration of THIS. This... marriage. To be worthy of someone's love, to be loyal, to be LESS of yourself in order to be whole, together

Darren and Yvette. These two. My hands down favorite moment is right as Yvette and her dad turn the corner, right before walking down the isle, Darren gets a look at her then turns to his best man and shakes his head. In just that shaking of his head, you know Darren is saying "I can't, I can't hold these tears back." And his best man - his confidante - just laughs. Because he knows Darren. He knows what Yvette does to him.. and it's insanely beautiful. These two. I'm so honored to tell their story in motion:

p.s. The photographer was the one and only Jose Villa. You can imagine what an insane feeling it was to have attended his workshop 2 years ago, and then be right there working alongside of him. I was dying in anticipation of what this day would be like and let me tell you - it was amazing. If you've ever worked with me - you know I'm a vocal photographer (i.e. dyyyyying. The liiiight!! YESSS YES!). Well, both Jose and I were doing that and couldn't stop laughing because we were both wrapped up in what was in front of us. I can go on and on. I just... man, it's unreal. You'll just have to sit down with me for coffee to talk about this one! ;)