The Craziest Video

So, Jose told me I should give you guys some backstory to this because this is unlike most of my Bella shoots.  Which I read as "WARN THEM" haha.

Here's the truth: I'm a little weird. And while my style is deeply rooted in all that is feminine, there's this part of me with videos that reveals my other side.  This thrilling, wild, and make-you-feel-ALIVE side. The side that used to believe as a kid she would be working with Nike or Gatorade to make commercials. You see, I love to tell stories that stir you up inside and MOVE you, or sometimes even creep you out. Either way, you will feel something.

Every year when we meet up during the holidays, Jasmine and I collaborate simply for the sake of creation. I called it "Pretending to Be" because it's about a girl who has a constant dream/nightmare that is reflecting her desire to be someone she is not.

So that's my backstory.  It's just another part of me that spills out on my work, and sometimes... comes out a little different ;)