Behind the Scenes: Lipstick Series

Just wanted to show you how fancy we get around here.

The floppy hat Meilan was wearing started to suddenly lose shape.  We were having a hard time lifting one of the flaps, so Hannah had the brilliant idea to slide behind her and hold it up with a stick.  The problem?  Well, aside from the obvious was that I could NOT STOP LAUGHING.  I mean... look at this!!

Hot mess is what that is!  And what's crazy is that at the right angle, it can actually work!

But due to lack of controlling my laughter, we had to ditch the magic stick.  Fortunately this was also cracking Meilan up, which only made for even more beautiful photos...

The truth is, Hannah knew what she was doing all along...

See you guys next week!! Leaving for Vegas in a half hour (eep!) to perform and attend my first ever Salsa congress.  I'll be performing a routine with 5 other girls to a song called Boogaloo which combines cha cha and mambo.  Then Monday I will be posting a video from a project I've somehow kept on the hush hush.  Have a great weekend!