A Little Face-lift: Updated Site and Blog

I know. I know.  So much going on, right?!

I wanted to go ahead and reveal my updated site and blog to you now so you can take some time today and this weekend to explore it.  You will now find the Motion section very clear on both my site and blog that helps you get a better understanding of what it is.  I've made landing pages, better navigation, and pretty layouts.

Wanna see?

And although there are a still quirks I'm finding that I'll have to fix along the way on my blog -- I'm so happy with the update.  And that's exactly what it is... an update.  My work and style remain the same.  My future plans are still to move to WordPress ... but that's going to take some time to haul everything over.

Take a look around and I'd love to hear what you think! :)