Outfit Chronicles: Stripes

I'm a huge fan of stripes as the world of fashion has been for the past year. Here I'm sporting this AMAZING find from Burlington Coat Factory. YES. THAT place. I was actually shopping with my friend Ana, and I was only going for the sake of keeping her company and some opinions.

Guess how long that lasted?

I told y'all how much I had been wanting a blazer. Well, look who threw themselves at me?! This $18 cotton blazer!! Perfection. Made out of fabric that can breathe and is soft -- a must have for Arizona weather (winters don't exist here) -- but constructed just like a formal blazer.

I wanted to mix it with some denim and more stripes :) Kind of a punky, casual, dressy look.

blazer: Burlington Coat Factory, gray striped top: Ross, shorts: F21, leggings: Charolette Russe, shoes: Journeys

Oh yeah, and I had my hair cut again. It's funny because this was actually 2 weeks ago, but since Jose was gone all of last week -- I pushed my outfits to a later date.

Speaking of Jose being gone, how do you like this... We're sitting in the airport, right before he has to get in the security line and Jose pulls out a little piece of paper. He reads off to me the restaurants and shops he has planned to visit. I roll my eyes at his preparation, but mostly at the amazing food he'll get to have without me. Except the doughnuts. Baby, you HAVE to sneak some doughnuts in your luggage for me, I plead. It makes sense, right? He's flying back Saturday, and I would see him that Sunday when I got back from Tucson.

Once again, I get home exhausted after my trip to Tucson and one of the first things Jose does is greet me with a box. SMELL THIS. I open up the box to reveal these 4 beautiful, iced, and sweet-smelling doughnuts from the glorious Dynamo Donut in SF. Then I notice there's one with a bite mark. What I mean to say, is that it's been bitten. I look up at Jose who immediately throws his arms up and says... I couldn't wait! I waited a whole DAY for you!

So in case you were wondering Jose's limit on self-control.. that's a day. Then we proceeded to polish those suckers in 2 days.

Moral: Doughnuts & stripes for the win my friends.