Sweetest Valentine

I mentioned last week that the husbands from our bible study group sent out a surprise evite to their wives for a Valentine's dinner. I also mentioned that it was addressed from "Your Incredible Husband."

Incredible THEY WERE!

You guys. Seriously. *shakes head* I truly don't have the words, so I'll let the photos take over...

First, they set the mood with beautifully decorated tables, and tons of candles....

Hustling and bustling in the kitchen, these guys would not let us touch a thing! They constantly checked our drinks for refills and made sure we were attended to.

Then these babies made their appearance:

Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe, hummus, fig+brie+apple croutons, and caprese tomato bites. Y-U-M. No, you can't lick the screen.

The girls hung out while the guys got started on dinner...

How savory does this look?!

Let me tell you, those carrots were on point!!

Everyone was feeling the love ;)

How could you not when they all played such wonderful roles?!

Then it got out of control...

The desserts. Y'all. I'm about to get Paula Dean on you again. This dessert cannot even be justified with photos!!!

The only potential for a fight this night would've been having to SHARE this -- homemade cheesecake with raspberry sauce and a homemade molten chocolate cake.

But we all managed to share. Right, Kristin?! ;)

Then we ended the night with the most hilariously complicated game of Newlyweds...

Some answers had to be explained...

and most were just lost in laughter :)

How sweet it is to be loved by you -Marvin Gaye.

It was sweet indeed. A huge, huge, thank you to the men of our bible study for absolutely every detail you put into this night and making us feel so special.