My Creative Space

To me... an organized clutter. To Jose... well, he has a hard time seeing the "organization" in this.

My desk :)

So this weekend I got an Evite titled "A Dinner to Remember" from a sender named "Your Amazing Husband" (I kid you not). Turns out that the husbands from our bible study planned a surprise Valentines dinner for their wives. How cute?!? This part of the invite cracked me up:

You are cordially invited to “A Dinner to Remember”, a night where your husband may be a cook, or perhaps a decorator, but either way he will be a hopeless romantic.

Hahaha, what a genius idea. Cook with friends, surprise the women, and earn brownie points for being thoughtful :) What are your Valentine plans? Originally we might have just done a movie and cupcake from Sprinkles. The chocolate marshmallow cupcake to be exact. Trust me. Nothing says love like ganache and marshmallow cream.