a ONE-ON-ONE IMMERSIVE learning experience in Phoenix, Arizona THAT inCORPORATES video, storytelling, AND the art of direction


Find your voice and transform your craft

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Learn technical skills and post production processes


Discover your creative process and personal flow


Receive a full and honest review of your work


Experience hands on filming and art directing


Engage in Q&A about business and creative development

A FULL day of exploration, wild imagination, and personal growth in your art. The day is sectioned into three parts:


Homework review

Core values overview

Storyboarding for emotion through Pinterest

Creating a shot list with intention

Camera settings overview

Equipment / Q&A


Hands-on filming

Hands-on directing

Character exploration

After filming we’ll take a little break to decompress, have some snacks before we launch into post.


Post production overview (organizing, culling footage, etc.)

Music selection

Essential story elements



During your mentorship, you will receive hands-on instruction from Ale during a video shoot. We design a client inquiry for you based off your homework answers. Ale walks you through handling the inquiry and advice on how you would create the production. You will then be introduced to our muse who will play the role of your client - who you will direct around scenes that we have prepared. The scenes are stages that have been custom designed for you to foster exploration and experimentation. We will curate the tools you need to create a captivating, visceral film. This is your time to play in an ideal environment. You will discover what you are capable of creating and you will learn the tools and skills to direct and create scenes for your clients. Consider this an invitation to define your voice and take a chance on yourself.


"Overall the mentorship exceeded my expectations. The fact that Ale took the time to

put together a dream client from the "inquiry" to the "email responses" and to the

scenes for video was amazing. It truly allowed me to envision what we could create

and bring more depth/meaning to the videos I worked on after I arrived back home.

Everyone was so warm, inviting, and kind that it was easy to feel at ease even while

trying to battle uncertainty in my craft while learning and growing."

— Hannah, Oaklyn Studio


"I feel so nourished and refreshed. I feel more clear and confident in why I'm doing what I'm doing, validated in my abilities and heart, energized by the afternoon of creation that happened, and the physical energy of Ale's space and Phoenix itself.”

— Jess, truebadours


Mentorships are scheduled upon application only. Apply now and Ale Vidal will get back to you within 48 hours with details.