your other soul

Day 68: Your Other Soul

Today's post is from my session with Caitlin and her family. I took pictures of Alexander as a newborn and now I get to photograph him as an almost-1-year-old! Yes, almost, because on his actual birthday, this girl will be in Arizona. Dessert -- here I come!

But let me just throw out there, Alexander must have had something up his sleeve. He practiced. Because when I brought that camera out, he was practically flirting!

I'll talk more about the shoot when I post the full set. For now I want to focus on being a mother as my interpretation of "feminine" for today. The reason I call it "your other soul" is because watching how mothers post pictures of their children on facebook, the way they talk about them, and their expressions when I talk to them in person -- it's incredible. Their babies are literally their other soul -- or a piece of it.

I adore Alexander's excited face here. There's so many others that show this relationship between them even more, but I had to share this one first because I love how happy he looks! In fact, Alexander was pretty excited in a lot of the pictures. Don't you just want to catch him?! Maybe it's just my crazy obsession over babies, but I want to catch him, squoosh him (softly!), and kiss his little cheeks.

Anyway, I love motherhood. I have so many young friends with babies, and they talk about them with this admiring passion. The kind where chewing your toes, licking the mirror, brushing your teeth, and touching your poop is a new revelation of life. A combination of annoyance, humor, and a ridiculous amount of love. I know my baby will steal my heart when (s)he is in my tummy -- along with my sleep and waist line. Speaking of, my best friend is pregnant and she's having a boy :) So to all the mothers and soon-to-be-mothers -- this one is for you. Because I can't think of anyone else who finds immense happiness in little chubby finger prints.

"Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense." -Helen Rowland, marital muckraker
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