woods flower crown

Lost in the Woods

I stepped into the bed and it immediately began rocking side to side. Woah. Can I sleep through this? The bed felt like a rocking boat, swaying in the darkness. Windows surrounded the room and roof and you could hear the rain against the glass. I thought... this is insane. In a really amazing way. And scary - because let me tell you, out in the woods - it gets DARK.

This, my friends, is the kind of cabin that my sister in law finds. I don't even know how I would begin to find a place like this. I may google "really cool cabin" but I highly doubt I would get somewhere fast with that kind of search. But I was lucky enough to join her on this little trip - for no other reason than to just hang!

So obviously when you are staying in cabins that look straight out of a storybook, one must do a photoshoot. And by one I mean moi and by photoshoot I mean the weird stuff.  
How insane is this cabin?!


I should really collect an album of the photoshoots Jasmine and I have done since I started dating her brother. I remember the first one I wore this insanely long, platinum wig that made me fairly resemble Lady Gaga. I hope we are old and gray still doing these one day. 

And what would you know - I was also in front of the lens! But those will have to come later ;)