white ruffles

Blank Slate: Time to Decorate

I mean, hello... wood floors?! AND MIRRORS!!

No seriously. I can actually practice my dance routines in here without busting my foot on a coffee table (in case you were wondering, two weeks later and my little toe is still healing). On top of that, the natural light that pours into this room is rejuvenating.

Obviously I'm pretty happy with the new condo we've moved into :) -- still renting!

Anyway, at IKEA Monday night Jose and I were shopping for some bathroom shelving units and in the middle of the textile sections, this beauty caught my eye...

At least, that's what the blanket whispered to me. To Jose it may have said "impulsive shopper." But whatever. Isn't it the perfect blanket for baby photos?! Or snuggling? Or just tossed as a throw in my new office.

That was me using my mirrored doors. Love, love, love it.

And since Jose didn't approve of the feminine ruffles for our master bedroom, I'm thinking of decorating my office with this feel:

Yep. I'm a sucker for ruffles.

Like always, with progress I'll share more photos of the new place :) But right now, lots of lovely boxes are surrounding me. EVERYWHERE. So I'm thinking a rowing paddle in place of that big branch would be pretty amazing. Thoughts?