what to wear when photographing a wedding

Behind the Scenes: What I Wear to Weddings

A photog friend of mine reached out to me this week, asking what I wear to weddings.  Fortunately I've actually kept photos of me that my assistants have taken and FINALLY had the kick in the butt to blog it.

If I'm not wearing my pinstriped, black pants, then I'm most likely wearing a dress to a wedding.  The biggest issue with wearing a dress that most women have is being afraid to flash the goods.  And we've talked about my ninja, crawling moves while shooting, so I get the importance of this.  IN FACT, I climbed on a chair this past weekend and took a pretty hard hit on my left shin when I FELL OFF the chair.  Gotta get that shot!  Yeah, the one in mid air as I watch the dance floor lights become blurring speckles.

But that's not the story I'm here to tell, is it?  I picked a set of 3 dresses that I constantly wear to weddings.  The first one is my absolute FAVORITE:
 I absolutely love how classy and extremely comfortable it is.  It's a one sleeve dress with the perfect pop of coral, and just long enough that I don't need to wear leggings (so helpful for hot days).
 The best part? It has POCKETS!  I slip my memory cards in there so I can switch them out quickly.

These next 2 dresses are my Fall go-to dresses.  The one on the left is definitely a bold pop of color.  I felt comfortable wearing this because the couple are good friends of Jose and I, AND they were having a very unique wedding that wouldn't seem odd for their photographer to be wearing something like this.   Jose was even in the wedding and looking quite Notebook-esque :)

The one on the right is my favorite winter, low-profile dress.  Don't mind the shoes I'm wearing because that was the first and LAST time I wore those mini heels to a wedding I was working.  I got both of these dresses at H&M.  The one on the left is layered with another dress under!

You see my color trend?  :)
Love that watch up there!  It's like a slap bracelet!  Got it at ASOS on sale for $25 and it has a beautiful gold face on it.

And here's my lovely man, sporting some good looking clothes :)  He sticks to shades of gray and I got him a white belt recently that looks SO good when paired with his darks and grays.
Me interacting with my gorgeous brides.  I am one lucky photographer!

So that's what I wear!  Dresses and leggings are a girl's bestfriend when she needs comfort, style, and flexibility.  Seriously, don't underestimate having a solid black skirt, black leggings, and a top with a pop of color.  I also second shot with a photographer who wore gray, fitted jeans with a nice blazer and I thought it looked nice!  For every wedding I have my brides fill out a questionnaire and one of the questions asks them to rate their wedding attire "casual / dressy / formal" -- then I base my outfit on that or what I know about the couple.

Hope this has helped you with ideas! :)