what to wear for an engagement session

What to Wear for an Engagement Session.. or Date Night

...or you know, any time you feel like looking awesome.

So many looks, so many styles, different personalities and different body types. I got lots to show you. My November bride inspired me to find some ideas for our engagement session with a Fall, woodsy theme and of course -- I came away with more than woodsy.

Let's start with: Themes

*Please refer to my Pinterest for the original source of all images

What kind of couple are you?

I called this urban perfection:

You CAN wear jeans -- but see how she completely transformed her jeans into a refined, urban style? Blazer + (skinny) jeans + heels = perfect combo. She even layered it with a lacy white tank! Love me some feminine details.

Another jean cutie:

LOVE that top. What's really smart is how she wore a dark tank top under it to blend in with the jeans so it keeps the shortness of her top without making her look too layered. And that necklace? Perfect use of accessories!

Let's get the guys inspired. I pulled the top 2 looks from J Crew:

Honestly, I think my favorite of those ^ is the bottom left -- the cotton, denim color button up with the rolled up sleeves and skinny tie. The texture of the shirt with the breezy pants just looks so effortless. And I don't usually use the word effortless for a guy.

For Her: simple elegance...

For Him: Effortless (again!!) + Ocean

I'd roll up his pants and show off his shoes :)

And here are ways for the ladies to implement their style and personality through use of colors and accessories. Remember, you don't always have to buy a new outfit.

See how the *Fall perfection* girl on the left took a (relatively) boring sweater and glammed it up with those red shoes and chunky necklace? GENIUS.

Hopefully this has guided you or inspired you with ideas for a date night, your photo session, or for your next mall visit! I created a board specifically for this on my Pinterest so if you want to be updated on the outfits I add, make sure you're following!

p.s. I am STILL looking for the perfect pair of nude heels.