wedding rehearsal

Dani and Cris' Wedding Rehearsal: McAllen, Texas

As Texas welcomed me back with its hot and humid arms, there was another set of people who welcomed me too:  Dani and Cris' family.

Dani and Cris' wedding was my first destination wedding (McAllen, TX) and I couldn't have imagined it going any more incredible than it did.  I don't know if it's a Latin thing, but I felt like I was around family. Dani's mom reminded me so much of my own, constantly making sure I had eaten something and was hydrated. Dani and Cris' family is a beautiful blend of Venezuela, El Salvador, and Mexico.  During their rehearsal dinner, we snuck off to some spots around the location to take photos of just the two of them. I shared some of my favorites on my Imaginale Facebook Page but just in case you missed it....

Dani's girls :)

How pretty are these bracelets Dani got her bridesmaids?  From a French Etsy seller :)
I can't even begin to tell you about their wedding.  There was crying and laughter, masks and dancing (lots of dancing), and so many images that my eyes will get to sort through these next couple of weeks!

Oh, and I woke up the next day to celebrate... my birthday!!  And while traveling on your birthday might not sound ideal, it turned out to be really awesome because I had a 3 hour layover in Dallas and my mom came to the airport to see me!
Needless to say I had LOTS of sleeping to do last night!  I'm so excited for what this next year has to come.... thank you for being a part of it :) :)