wedding inspiration shoot

Frida Kahlo: A Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Creative Team: Mignonne Handmade (accessories & styling assistance), Ouma (dress)Kendra Enriquez (invites)Jessica Gallegos (hair & MUA)Chateau Studio (location)Emily Burton (florals)Modern Revival (furniture & prop assistance)The Agency Arizona (model: Jessica Zindel)

I've had the idea of a Frida Kahlo wedding shoot since I've been engaged.  But I knew the day I was ready to design a wedding inspiration shoot, I didn't want to follow trends I saw online.  I envisioned blush colored drinks, a paleta bar instead of a dessert bar, ice cubes filled with flowers, and the rich floral blends of Frida Kahlo everywhere.

My creative team killed it.  When brainstorming invites with Kendra, I mentioned I wanted the invites to be in watercolor and I envisioned a sketch of two people dancing with the colors spilling out of the lines.  "And can we add texture somehow?  Tissue paper is very popular for Mexican festivities... maybe we can ruffle her dress?" BAM.  Kendra gave me exactly that.  Actually, she gave me artwork! But I can say this about so many of the individuals I worked with.  Like I promised, I'll be sharing some behind the scenes images and where I pulled inspiration from and executed it.  Today, I'd love for you to simply enjoy the images :)

And hey world, can we do more of this? A L L D A Y.  I can't get enough of it.

A Frida Kahlo Wedding Inspiration: Part I

Why Frida?  I don't know what it is about Frida Kahlo but it all started when I was engaged and planning my wedding.  Something about Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican surrealist painter often depicted for her unibrow, inspired the theme for even my own wedding.  It wasn't long before I knew I wanted to open pandora's box with Frida once again.  But this time with my feet running so that I could create something a little like this...

(Full screen for full effect! Hit play then pause to make sure it's all loaded for best viewing experience ;)

I would describe Frida's work as folksy with layers of darkness.  I wanted to modernize the theme but ring true to the colors of Mexico.  My goal was to create a wedding theme inspired by Frida Kahlo -- infusing bits of Mexico, bits of fashion, and the ideas that often dance in my head.  There was so much heart poured into this not only by myself but many other artists who collaborated with me.  I will describe in much more detail their contribution in other posts when I also share the images.  For now I hope you enjoyed the first introduction to my Frida Kahlo series.  A project I've longed to quench for quite some time :)

Hair Accessories and Styling Assistance - Jennifer Wood of Mignonne Handmade  
Dress - Monique Sandoval of Ouma 
Invitation Suite - Kendra Enriquez 
Hair and Make up - Jessica Gallegos 
Location - Jennifer Bush of Chateau Studio 
Floral Design - Emily Burton 
Decor items - Shannon Sadik of Modern Revival 
Model -- Jessica Zindel of The Agency Arizona