website update

My Updated Site is Officially Up!

I've been waiting this entire summer for this day and I'm THRILLED that my little old website got the face lift it's been needing.

So I present you... my newly updated... Imaginale Design

(This is your cue to go! Then come back :) To get a visual of how excited I am, picture the koolaid man busting through walls and yelling "Oh yeah!!"


I'm sorry. That was wrong in every right kind of way, wasn't it?

So my updated site has new photos...

(You'll be seeing more of Ms. Lauren later :)

... as well as a new color scheme! It is not a drastic change, but definitely the rejuvenation and consistency it needed. I'll be sharing with you my design process and what elements I decided to eliminate.

So what do you think?! :) Note to self -- designing for you is ridiculous.