wavy loose curls

An Imaginale Design Experience: Brittany Oswald

Meet Brittany..

I've mentioned her before and the great photographer that she is. In fact, you will find that picture up there on her "About Me" section on her website... but not for long.

You see, this pretty lady has been re-branding her entire business and guess who had the honor of taking her promo pics?

(I'm wearing a black glove, if you're looking THAT closely :)

Itsa me, mario! But around here in Imaginale land, we don't just take pictures. Brittany trusted me not only as a photographer, but as a stylist as well. As part of her re-branding, she wanted her photos to portray her new look -- this included a mini make over ;)

Brittany has THE straightest and softest hair. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I decided to give her some soft, loose curls to add volume and layers to her hair. We started off by adding some volumizing foam and shaking her hair to lift the roots up and drying it with a round brush. Then you section the hair off....

.. and start the curling process. The best way to do this is by using a VERY hot curling iron and wrapping the ends around it without using a clamp. In this case, I own an iron that doesn't actually have a clamp. Yes, I'm wearing a black glove -- err, actually a mitten -- so I can hold the hair against the hot iron without burning myself. Believe it or not, I don't own GLOVES!!! But somehow I manage to own mittens. I dunno.

Make sure to clip the already-curled sections together while you're finishing up the rest so they don't get weighed down. And voila!

All we needed now was an outfit. And while Brittany has always pulled off t-shirt and jeans beautifully, she felt it was time to add a little more flair to it. Nothing drastic... just small details to pull the look together.

Bam!! Just gorgeous! Enough subtle hints without changing who Brittany is.

Brittany has such refined beauty and THE best laugh.

And let me tell you, directing Brittany is a photographer's dream. I don't know how much of it is her being a photographer too, but even down to how she placed her hands was perfection.

Oh, you know I had to bring the sassy out.

I have to refrain my words because I'm sure Brittany is probably blushing :) Sorry girl, but you were on fire!!

But this wouldn't be a Brittany shoot without some of these moments.....

Hahaha, I love you girl :)

You think it ends here, but oh nooooo. You see, these were for her business. A slightly tamed version, if you will. But what if a girl wants to get all dressed up? Something that pushes her out of her typical element? Well, that's part of what Brittany's trip was for and I was going to make sure I delivered. I'll be sharing those next week!

Wishing you a slightly untamed Friday ;)