vegas road trip

Motion Shoot: Vegas Roadtrip

Aside from Vegas, you know what else was trippin? BLOGGER! I couldn't access it at all last night or this morning so I ended up just posting today's video on Facebook.

I just got home after an awesome lunch at Windsor's with Courtney. Friends. Phoenix Friends. YOU MUST GO. They had fried okra as a side to my heavenly sandwich!! And this is in PHOENIX aka not-the-South. These babies are no joke.

Anyway, blogger is now working so in case you missed it on Facebook... check out the video I made from the one day Vegas road trip we took.

Don't you just love the song?! It was definitely a good, good time.

Happy Friday!

p.s. So maybe I'm like a grandma in terms of technology sometimes, but it's a proud moment for me and hopefully you will entertain it. I JUST added the Facebook "Like" option to my posts. I know you want to click it! I would, but that would look tacky. Thought you might enjoy it for those lazy moments when you just don't have much to say ;) A problem I don't seem to have.