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Little Party in a Box: Customized USB Flash Drives

Plain and simple:  I'm a sucker for packaging.

Yes, I'm one of those people that has to resist the urge to purchase something based solely on their packaging.  Or I'll stop Jose at the grocery store and highlight a company's creative use of typography and spacing on their packaging.  I have such an admiration for it so you can imagine the circus that goes on in my head when it comes to my own business.  And then this baby came along....
Customized USB Drives.  Goodbye CD's.  I first saw my wedding photographer post about them last year and flipped out.  You can do SO much because this little beauty can fit anywhere and is customizable!

So I bought craft boxes and gold sequin ribbons at Michael's, and used the same fabric rose I have always been using in the past (here and here).  I stuffed it with some pink tissue paper and sprinkled heart confetti inside.  Because really, I'm celebrating with you when you get your images ;)
 Party for my eyes!!
 What do you think?!  I used Flash Bay and can't recommend them enough.  So now my clients can look forward to this little party in a box ;)