upside down

Day 51: Upside down

Yikes! So much going on! More and more these are becoming my thoughts and not so much my feminine interpretation, haha. However the origin of this image was absolutely for a feminine interpretation.

I'm wiping lipstick off, going with the theme of "tomboy" and hating things feminine. The model I photographed this past weekend is very beautiful but hates make-up and dressing up. It was quite funny because towards the end of the shoot when we told her to express her "annoyance" with us "dolling" her up, she became more alive than she had been the past 3 hours! I was tempted to share one of her images (a funny one), but opted against it. I really can't wait to share it (another Mohka Life shoot!). Anyway, I captured some incredibly feminine pictures of her, despite her hate of make up and was inspired to express her feelings about being feminine.

But, I'm also feeling discombobulated a little. I'm 2 days away from April, a month where I'll be packing EVERYTHING, selling a majority of it, and driving to Texas to finish planning the wedding. Someone already bought my couch & coffee table! My biggest items aside from my bed. The way things are going, I might have to sell that because it will not be worth the hassle to get it to Phoenix. But I love my bed! And no one really ever buys used beds... no matter how amazing I think mine is. Darn.

Anything got you feeling upside down?

"I like to crack the jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math." -- Tina Fey, top comedy talent
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