updated site 2013

My updated site...

If you haven't heard the news on my Facebook page, I launched my updated site today!!!

Actually, before Liz Grant (the amazing designer behind everything) hit 'publish' I scattered like crazy to my computer so I could get screenshots of my old site before it vanished from the world. I love keeping records of my old work so that I can see the evolution of my brand. Do you? I don't know, I guess I just really enjoying seeing where I was - or where my head was at - and compare the differences.

But let me just say, I was preeeetty stinkin' proud of my old site. I designed it myself and actually launched literally around this time last year with it.

My 2012 site:

My 2013 site:

You will see that I kept a lot of similar elements because my style has (for the most part) been consistently feminine. The biggest difference is having a landing page now where the user can choose between MOTION and STILLS. Video has become a major part of Imaginale Design so it was time to reflect that in my portfolio.

Also, the About Me page design is amazing!! I feel like now people can experience who I am instead of me telling you who I am. Not to mention there's a video involved ;) FINALLY, right?! How can I be making videos for other artists without at least having one for myself? :) Let's just say a lot of make-shift tripods were involved along with the help of my husband and a few friends to lend me hands.

Happy Friday friends :)