underwater photoshoot

Underwater Photoshoot: A Red Stream

(all photos by Jasmine Vidal :)

I couldn't stop s-h-i-v-e-r-i-n-g. I thought I was in the desert?! Who knows what little water elves stuck ice cubes in the water but the thing managed to stay frigid cold despite the heat.

But there we were, Jasmine with her point and shoot (yep! that means you don't always need the expensive equipment to create art), and my shivering self... ready to be Jasmine's muse ;)

I absolutely LOVE what she did with these!

My underwater swing and the sun kissing the water...


Jasmine really blows me away with what she can do with a point and shoot. I was just proud of myself for not convulsing underwater considering how cold I was. I made jokes about peeing in the water because I was desperate to get warm. I was kiiiidding! Does hypothermia make you say things you shouldn't write on your blog?

Next time I say something inappropriate our code word will be hypothermia.

Hope you enjoyed the underwater session with Jasmine! :)