ugly christmas sweater

Ugly Never Looked So Good

These were probably the only pretty things you'd see in our place last night...

Cause we had quite the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party :) I made those ornaments as party favors and I'll be sharing my DIY tutorial on them next week!

In the mean time... let me walk you through the process that REALLY happens before the party.

Exhibit A // Setting up my photobooth

Clearly I only have one model to test it on. My husband. Sometimes I know he wishes I knew people that lived near me.

How sexy is that "done" face?! Someone slap an Express logo on that image and we have quite the AD!

So then I moved on to making the actual booth itself. I had this idea in my head, but the execution came out COMPLETELY wrong. Had ugly written all over it.

It was late. I felt the gold tinsel mocking me. I took it all down and thought "if only I had a really nice fabric with... stripes... WAIT A MINUTE!" I remembered the stripe fabric from IKEA I bought to upholster a cushion that will never get done and crossed my fingers that it would be wide enough.

IT WAS! Design was revamped. And all was good...

Testing it out in my PJ's. Flash wasn't on....

We were ready to go. Ugly has never looked so good! ;)

Today I'm going to be packing, prepping my hard drives for our visit to Texas, and possibly attending another ugly Christmas sweater party! We took some ridiculous photos at the party last night and it's taking a lot of will power to not sit here and start editing them. You can't really appreciate the hideous top I'm wearing from that image. You'll just have to wait for a front view of it. I would say I am a cross between Cindy Lou (from Horton Hears a Who) and Austin Powers.

And truth be told, it's not even a sweater. It's just plain ugly. But that's all that really matters for these parties, right? Are any of you fashioning any ugly sweaters this Holiday? Happy Friday!