twist braid

Twist Braid: The easiest hair tutorial ever

I did it. Don't judge me. I am not a hair-tutorial-You Tube expert BUT I HAD to create this tutorial for you. It is my FAVORITE go-to hair do (with the exception of my current go-to: turban wraps). It works on almost ANY length of hair and perfect for the upcoming summer.

I promise you can do this on yourself. I had already filmed it on the beautiful Audree and I was torn between re-shooting it and showing you how I do it on myself but decided the video was already done - soooo, let's just roll with it!

That's it! My FAVORITE little hair-do when I need my bangs and hair around the face pulled back. I'll do it for dance practice, while I'm shooting, or just for fun. Let me know if you try it or if you want more of these in the future! And if it is at ALL confusing - I can do another video with me doing it :)