thrifty and consignment fashion finds

Thrifty and Consignment Fashion

I'm not gonna lie -- I don't have the magic that others do in finding clothing articles at Goodwill to put together an amazing outfit. Or the patience. But I do have the patience for consignment stores like Plato's Closet that buy back stylish, gently used clothes.

The biggest tip I can give you (because these stores can be overwhelming and crowded on weekends) is to pick the locations in upscale neighborhoods (i.e. higher end neighborhoods).

My first stop was Plato's Closet. Ugh. You have GOT to have patience for this place. Sometimes I just skip sections (too much going on) and go straight to the jeans / dresses / and formal area. They have gazillions of sleeveless/tank tops so it's great to find your basics here and then you can spend a little more at your favorite department stores. For the fall/winter they also bring out a ton of sweaters, button ups, and even jackets.

I walked away with this:

Purple top was $4, shiny gold top: $6, and denim romper: $10. I believe I tried on 12 things. Including salmon colored pants. Stop judging. What can I say, I'm open minded.

This last place was by accident. Err.. kind of? We actually went to My Sister's Attic which is consigned furniture, but Jose (I SWEAR!) told me I should check out My Sister's Closet while we were there. To be honest, I wasn't in the mood to spend another hour scavenging the isles for savings, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a look inside.

When I walked in, my first thought was "really?" Really -- as in -- why have I not BEEN HERE BEFORE?! The place was immaculate. Clean, fresh, and stylish. And just so you know, I was hungry. When I'm hungry, it gets bad -- just forget shopping. So I literally did one quick walk around the store just to admire and that's when I saw this polo, striped, button up ($11) calling my name.

After grabbing that (no dressing room needed for a button up!), I walked by the shoe section and these shoes... oh my. The lady beside me eyed them a little too late. They were already being laced up on my ankles while she watched in a corner, hoping I'd put them back. I checked the bottom of the shoe -- $12.50 -- SORRY! These suckers are coming home with me!

Before heading to the check out line, I saw this luggage strap bag for $10 and thought: new laptop bag! And of course, Jose was eyeballing me practically saying "hungry, huh?"

But come on... look at these shoes. Funky, COMFY, perfect little heel, and perfect little price.

i.e. Success my friends. I paired these shoes with ripped shorts and the polo button up for a preppy meets funky look.

Don't be fooled though. Working from home means I don't actually get out of my PJ's until I'm forced to go out in public. And that's when my cute button up suddenly feels like the devil's sweater.... 116 degrees!! What was I thinking? Back to my zebra striped tank top and boxers it is.

Zebra striped? I kid you not.

What's your craziest pijama concoction?! Happy Friday :)