the sweet south

The Sweet South

One thing you have to know about Jose and I's trip to the cabins is that the experience is created by his family.

His family from Alabama.

That right there is when I feel I am part of the South. If I had to sum up my thoughts on what the South is to me, well... this would be it:

Sweet Tea: You shouldn't be surprised that I drank this every day in Tennessee. No need to ask what Ale wanted to drink. Served from a glass jar. That is done the correct way my friends.

Lush Trees
: Maybe it's cause I'm a desert girl now -- but the trees remind me of the East Coast and the changing seasons. A place for the boys to be boys, Alejandra to be a little monkey, and slow hikes to be had.

Comfort Food: Lots and lots of food. Ribs, fried okra, hot dogs, burgers, kale, collard greens (hello Alabama). I had to be rolled out of my chair every night. At some point it's just best to wear loose pants so you don't have to unbutton anything. Yeah, I just went there.

Fishing: Not going to lie, this was a first for me. But guess who hooked her own line with a real worm AND her husband's?! Just imagine two little thumbs pointing at me ;) Perhaps it was my stubbornness, but I could've been out there for hours waiting for one of those fish to take a bite. I wanted so badly to have caught something but those fish were either smart or just not hungry. All they did was nibble my worm. Freeloaders.

Slow: Things just move slowly -- no rush. Though I can't say that about the speaking. I'm still working on the vocabulary of "git" or "lit" (i.e. get and let).

Marrying Jose means that I've married a piece of his Alabama roots as well. Need I remind you of my declared love for fried chicken?

Some things were just... well... meant to be, I suppose I reckon.