thank you

Hello Monday

I pulled open my journal -- you know, the kind with real paper.  Last Friday after sharing Brian and Amanda's video, I became so humbled and overwhelmed with y'alls response.  And when something like this happens, I don't want to forget how I feel right then and there ... so I write it down.

The problem with me pulling out my journal is that I flip through the pages and re-read old entries and completely get sidetrack on what I was originally planning on doing.  Either way, I want to soak it all in and find the words to say how thankful I am.  Running your own business can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes lonely.  And EXTREMELY scary.  You are the sole individual who is responsible for the decisions you make in running a business successfully.  Yikes!  But when you get such amazing feedback and support -- it's like having tons of co-workers running into your office with balloons, confetti, and music going "WOO!!!"
Knowing that it's not always a confetti-woo-hoo moment in this journey, I cling to the good ones and am deeply thankful to you for celebrating them with me :)