tennessee cabins

This Man of Mine

Considering the number of times he's been in front of my lens, I'm starting to think he's actually enjoying it ;) But seriously, I love photographing Jose -- I mean, look at him!

Give this man a rocking chair and he will be happy for life...

We spent a week at the cabins with Jose's family in Tennessee. Life was calm, tasty, and sweet :) I'm excited to share the rest of those images with you.

Flying back to Phoenix ... well, that was a different story.

Now, some would say that a 4 hour layover for a connecting flight is miserable -- and well, I would agree. In fact, I don't even remember the flight to Atlanta from Nashville because as soon as that plane started moving, I was OUT. All I remember is jerking awake at the landing. WORST FEELING when you're asleep. It always feels like you're waking up to a crash and are just waiting for the air masks to drop. I knew I should have paid attention to the attendant's skit in the beginning!

However, Jose and I -- we can pretty much entertain ourselves. Call it newlywed love, or call it sleep deprivation, but who knew you could have so much fun at the airport when you have so much time to kill.

Let's just say a little photobooth goes a long way. I feel bad for the people around us. Maybe I don't -- we were probably entertainment for them. We visited the Savannah Candy Kitchen, watched people, made fun of the lady with the CD walkman, and then we decided to visit the international gates. UM, WHAT THE HECK?!

Talk about a hidden secret! There were these awesome restaurants there AND a piano player! We grabbed some delicious brown rice with cayenne chicken, and pretended to have a luxurious dining experience. Towards the end of the night we became more delirious because we were laughing even more on the plane. We snuggled under Delta blankets and watched the X-Men movie they played on the tiny TV plane. Two cookies and a bag of pretzels later, we finally made it home.

Though I can't say I noticed I was ever away from home :)