Layering for the Winter!

Um, I did NOT get the winter memo. I want to find the ladies from this summer who saw me with a box labeled "winter clothes" as Jose and I were moving in that said "Honey, you don't need winter clothes here! Those things will stay in the box."

Clearly they don't understand that high of 56 degrees is W.I.N.T.E.R. And I know those of you who live in snow regions are rolling your eyes -- but I live in the DESERT people! The good news is that there's this thing called "layering." You can take the not-so-warm outfits you have and pair them with some winter items that weren't donated.

For example:

The lace is pretty -- but those see through sleeves? You will be freezing.

Pair with sweater and fur vest..


And you get this!

How beautiful is that?! So maybe fur is something that takes some getting used to, but the point is to add another element to that outfit -- LAYER! Plus, there's so many items like this that you can find at thrift stores!

But Alejandra, these pieces just don't come together in my head like that!

I understand. It doesn't come to me until I have 5 minutes to leave for church, in which I grab pieces and try to coordinate (for the most part) the colors with accessories. Fortunately, ThreadSence created a LOOKBOOK!! They put together outfits like the one up there and show you the exact pieces they used to create the look.

Use it as a guide and next time you're in your closet -- try layering. Try something you haven't paired before. Or how about you print 3 of your favorite outfits and take it with you to your next shopping trip? This stuff doesn't come naturally to me, but I look at it enough to have a basic understanding. So when I feel like "I don't have anything to wear" -- I start getting creative. I can't say this enough: ACCESSORIZE!!!!! A necklace, hair piece, and earrings can transform an outfit. Remember the show What Not to Wear? Get pieces that can be re-used and matched with other outfits.

Oh sorry. Those shoes were distracting me. Back to clothes...

Then there are simple pieces that are so beautiful in their simplicity...

This sweater?!

As my sister in law would type: *dies* If you haven't noticed the trend, I'm a HUGE fan of one-shoulder tops. Especially in the winter because you can look feminine/sexy but still be WARM!

So have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and storm up some outfit ideas for the Holidays :) You might be surprised!

Jose and I will be spending it with Kristin's family -- so you can imagine how good that's going to be! :) According to Jose it'll be my "first American Thanksgiving" because apparently neither my family's OR his counted as "American" Thanksgiving! Ha! I mean, we had turkey... doesn't that make it American?! Even mashed potatoes. Bobby Flay would qualify that as American. Rice doesn't eliminate us, right?! :)