surprise proposal

A Surprise Proposal

A couple of months ago my phone flashed a green bubble with a message from Tony.  The proposal was about to happen... soon

Tony is in Ohio finishing medical school so his appearance in Phoenix would be ... well, pretty much a heart attack for Octavia.  And I guess you could say it went a little like that ;)  We scouted places in South Mountain -- spots for Tony to hide while I set Octavia up for her "shoot."  Once we had everything set and planned, I headed back to my place to meet up with Octavia.  She arrived at my place and I was pumped with adrenaline that I had to suppress.  SHE HAD NO IDEA!  We drove back to the mountains as I tried to text Tony secretly that we were almost there and for him to get in place.

Jose came to "help out" (pretty much photographed the first part as I filmed!) and we set Octavia in place.  I asked her to face the mountains with her back to me -- Jose cued Tony -- and well, the rest is a beautiful story....

Love you guys :)  Jose and I are so honored to have played a small part in this day.