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Loving Who You Work With

This film gives me chills. Chills. There are moments when I'm filming and I feel in my gut, this is going to be sick!!! - but I don't say anything out loud because I like to manage expectations and WHAT IF it's NOT like I thought it was going to be?!

Well, this particular weekend in Texas with Amanda Holloway was insane. It was all a whirl wind from her contacting me in December to us filming within 3 weeks later. These clients - y'all - they just are on a different level.

I know. I've said this over and over, but it's because I NEED YOU to see that it's true. It's not about a client fitting your style - it's about a client believing IN your style. Your promise. Sometimes it is an obvious pairing - a dream client - no questions asked. And sometimes it's not. But sometimes - there's a client in the middle - someone that is willing to meet you there if you just verbalize what your promise, your experience, their final product could look like. It is at that point that the client decides that either they love the vision or they hate it and that should decide if you are their artist. That's it.

But please know that this is coming from a journey that included having to say yes to certain free projects and no to certain paid ones. I didn't start my business with dream clients. I started my business with a promise to be true to who I am. And that film right there is why I value who I work with so much. How does it go ... "You will be the best at being you." And there's only one you, right?