standing out

Day 35: Blending In

What a blessing! I feared for a bit last night that I was getting worst when I started to have a fever, but what was actually happening was my body fighting the virus. Those suckers fought back and they won! I managed to eat two crackers (while truly lusting for a banana nut muffin) and passed out. I slept through most of the night and woke up with an appetite.

Though I spent half the day sleeping, finally recovering, I'm most happiest about being able to eat and not have my body reject it. I almost didn't do a picture for today, but this one occurred to me right after Jose and I watched "The Informant" tonight.

Blending in. Sometimes we try so hard to blend in we end up standing out even more. Honestly, I can't decide if this is more typical with women or men. I believe pop culture displays both sides -- you know, films where we root for the middle school underdog because we can all relate. Or at least most of us. At one point in our life when we were trying to figure out who we were, what "group" we belonged to -- we wanted to blend in. So here's to those awkward, please-help-me-forget, funny, don't regret, never repeated moments that we tried so hard to blend in...

Maybe you don't blend in ... you stand out. Embrace that because you never know who loves that most about you.

"It's amazing. All you have to do is look like crap on film and everyone thinks you're a brilliant actress." -Helen Mirren, English film phenom
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Day 16: Standing Out

This week we are doing things a little different. I have some big projects I'm working on in the photography & wedding area = really busy, so here is the plan:

Today I went for a walk around the neighborhood to take photos that represented concepts about women & being feminine to post for this whole week. Some images will be beautiful on their own, some will be relatively "basic" images but it is the concept that is of focus. And no, I didn't just pick something and think "how can I make this feminine?" I knew I would be pushing it by giving myself the task of walking around my neighborhood, but I took these photos with a purpose. The concepts came to me when I saw them. But I will say I felt like a STALKER!! I am not good at taking a picture of something on someone's yard without looking awkward. I was constantly afraid someone would walk out and say "Excuse me -- what exactly are you doing?" Not stalking you, I promise.

The photo for today is actually a photo I am very proud of. To be honest, I don't really know what kind of plant/flower this is, but I looked down, and there was one that was sticking out above the rest. And it hit me -- standing out.

Though this idea can be both feminine & masculine, I think it is incredibly empowering to be a strong and very feminine woman. By "very feminine" I'm not referring only to make-up, clothes, and material things. I am referring to containing the strength of any man, yet being as delicate as this plant. Our softness and tenderness is what makes us "stand out" from males. And if you don't agree, would you disagree that you would like to stand out from the rest? Then take it as that.

To stand out, to be individual, and to push above average is my goal for my photography business, for my morals, and my beliefs. And of course, to carry myself strongly without ever losing the tenderness of my femininity.

Like I said, one of my favorites of "still life" (does that count as still life?) and no -- I did not add any textures or any special effects -- it was all my 50 mm lens! (1.8) If you own an SLR, I can't recommend the "thrifty fifty" lens enough. I bought mine used from another photographer for $60! And it makes some beautiful & creamy pictures since you can focus, literally, on pieces of an image.

"Behind every successful man there is a surprised woman." -Maryon Pearson, prickly personality and politician's wife

To participate in my 100 day challenge, submit your photo representing your interpretation of "feminine" and about a paragraph describing your interpretation to -- Read more about it here.