spanish shawl top

Outfit Chronicles: Spanish Shawl Top

I'm not sure how I feel about this outfit. I highly considered not even posting it, but I figured if I wore it in public... why not? I love, LOVE this top that I got in Spain. However, this particular day was chilly in Phoenix, so I decided to use it like a shawl.

Now that we're about to hit the blazing heat here in the dessert desert, you better believe you'll be seeing this top again. Minus the long sleeve under it, of course.

SHORTEST outfit post E-VER.

Remember the wedding I second shot last weekend? Well, I shot 28 GIGS worth of photos. I know. Insanity! So clearly it's going to be a bit before I post some previews. However, I practically had a photoshoot with the CUTEST flower girl!! No lie folks, I think I have at least 20 of her. And that's referring to the GOOD ones.

So of course I'll leave you with a piece of her :)

Right? RIGHT?! Freaking adorable...

Happy Friday!