so you think you can dance

Dream Goals... and Swayze

So... a couple of nights ago Jose and I were catching up on my favorite show So You Think You Can Dance.

Then we got to this number..

As Tadd is taking his shirt off, here's the conversation that follows:

Ale: Doesn't he look like what's his face from Dirty Dancing?!
Jose: *questioningly* Patrick Swayze?
Ale: Yeah!! The build of his body reminds me of him. You know what I mean?
Jose: *slight pause* Nope... can't say I was analyzing Swayze's body during Dirty Dancing.


Ale: -busts out laughing- Oh baby, *tries to cuddle* I wasn't analyzing it either.
Jose: *pushing me off* Excuse me, I'm trying to watch Swayze over here.

Needless to say Swayze is not a welcomed conversation piece in this house ;) Though the night did end with Jose attempting a very great Dirty Dancing lift to get me off the couch. Take that SYTYCD.

On another note.. for those of you that read my excitement over Jose Villa on Facebook and thought "Jose who?" Let me clarify...

Those images, my friends, are by one of the photographers I MOST look up to: Jose Villa. Hands down, if someone asked me who my favorite photographer is, I would say Jose Villa.

I found out about a workshop he is having in California and I immediately e-mailed the link to Jose (my husband :) with the words "workshop dream come true?" While part of me questioned whether I was ready, the other part of me screamed "what are you waiting for?! Get up and go!" Over a fancy IHOP dinner with friends this week, they completely encouraged me to do it now. Now's the time.

I guess I felt that this moment was bigger than me. The workshop is NEXT month and part of me couldn't believe I was that close to meeting someone who inspired me that much. That I hadn't earned that chance yet. But I realized that it's not chance. It's opportunity and I have the choice to take it or leave it. I mean, isn't that the epitome of what I believe? Taking chances? Risks? To be defined by the courage and strength of believing in yourself and not by the mistakes you make along the way?


And with that, I bought my seat. I found out I had bought the last seat for this year's course in Cali. So Cali, get ready, cause here I come.