smell the flowers

oh sunny day

You guys, the Phoenix society is going to kick me out if I don't get some sun soon. Okay... so they don't exist, but if they did my residence would be in question due to the lack of my tan. So today I'm going to soak up the sun, read some Potter, get my hair cut, and work a bit.

Aren't those flowers so pretty?! Jose got them for me last Monday :)

Oh! Guess what today is?? MY MAMA'S BIRTHDAY!!

This is her at 15 years old in Honduras...

During this time she worked at a flower shop in Tegucigalpa :) She's much cuter at 15 than I was. But those hands on the hips just reaffirm that I get all of my feminine behavior from my mother. We use to joke that she came out of the womb in heels because growing up I NEVER saw her wear anything but heels. The only exception was her daily exercise walk. As a result she has the best freaking calves EVER. She dressed me up all the time and I wanted to rip the poofy sleeves off my dress so badly. I thought I was going to avoid such girly behavior when I got older... and now I have posts dedicated to outfits. HA.

I love you ma :) I embody so much of you and I'm lucky to have had such a beautiful example of a woman growing up. You are so compassionate, self less, and I have never had someone rooting me so strongly as you have.

Feel free to wish her a happy birthday as well! ;) Have a sweet day everyone!