Outfit Chronicles: Spring Print

So this day was a good hair day and the funny thing is that my bangs had gotten SO long, so I did a little Justin Bieber swoop. Oh yes, I just went there. In fact, I have a particular side that I part my hair to, but this day (for no real reason) I swooped/parted it the other way. DAREDEVIL! I live my life on the edge.

I have to admit that for some odd reason, parting it the opposite way gave my hair more volume. These were taken right before I got my most recent hair cut. Just a trim. But my bangs are really short again.

I am either...

a) covering my mouth while I'm laughing in fear that I still have chocolate on my teeth
b) showing off my awesome, partially painted, nails.

You decide. :)

skirt + earrings: F21 (only $14 for skirt!!!), tank top: Plato's closet, cardigan: Rainbow, belt: thrift store, tights: Charolette Russe (you didn't think those were my legs, right?!), shoes: DSW clearance section

Time for Spring and bold colors!

Funny fact: This is actually the day I made the cake I posted on Facebook that took me about 5 hours to make. The "funny" part is that my left knee was SWOLLEN. Go ahead, scroll up and play Where's Waldo with my swollen knee.

You see, I injured my knee playing volleyball 2 weeks ago. I believe this was when my husband and another player crashed into me at the net. Apparently I AM that short that I wasn't in either of their peripheral vision. Anyway, I thought it was getting better until the day I made the cake when my knee was super swollen from just standing for a couple of hours. I literally pulled a chair into the kitchen and wrapped my knee up with ice to finish the cake.

And finally, my knee was getting better! I didn't play volleyball, I took it easy at dance, and for the most part, I JUST rested. So this past Tuesday when I had dance practice, I decided to go ahead and dance a little more energetically. WELL. Everything was fine until I did some quick squat move. THE SQUAT!! It killed me. I felt something not right and yep... woke up yesterday, back at square one. Got a doctor's appointment on Friday and a seeing a sport's therapist the next week.

Anyone want to let me borrow their knee this Saturday? I have a photoshoot and will have to come up with some creative positions so I don't bend my left knee when I need to squat.

Hmm. That could work.

Day 15: Skirts & Twirls

Oh, what a beautiful and sunny day it was today! I'm typing so fast I almost wrote "sunnday" :)

And of course, my pictures sometimes match my mood or environment or inspiration in general, and today is no different! Aside from loving warm weather and getting to wear skirts, I think it is a very feminine symbol to "twirl" in your skirt. So while Friday's was a bit of an intense interpretation on women's traits (though one of my favs!), today's is uplifting: being care-free. Girls just want to have fun. To always celebrate your youth, and even if no one else is watching you -- twirl in your skirt. Dance. Even if you don't have rhythm -- twist and turn to the radio. This is one of my favorite 'moods' to intepret since I am much more of a spontaneous person rather than practical. It has its flaws of course, but you will be seeing more of the "care free" interpretation around here. Why? Porque es mi casa :)

I can't wait for the sunshine to actually stick around! I really liked how this one turned out..

Hmmmm... singing in the shower. How to interpret that in a PG-13 way. Any takers?! ;)

"The word love has by no means the same sense for both sexes, and this is one cause of the serious misunderstandings that divide them." -Simone de Beauvoir, the brain behind The Second Sex

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