Day 33: Flying High

**EDIT: Sooo, I had half of this typed up when Jose pulled up, honked for me to head out, and we went to a friend's birthday dinner. A friend's birthday dinner turned into hanging out afterwards, which was really fun but now it's 2 a.m. And here is what I had before I hit publish:

Don't you love jumping on your bed? It makes me feel alive! And maybe this isn't exactly pertinent to being feminine, per se, but on a rainy day like today -- I need something like this.

This is actually my room and this was captured by my roomie Meg Chambers, and took about 10 tries while laughing hysterically at my expressions (AND she was on a ladder!). The sky? That was one really pretty day when I got off of work and had my camera on me... the sky looked beautiful and I just took a few shots of it.

Flying high without ever leavin' the ground, no
Rest of the folks are tired and weary
Oh Lord, and have laid their bodies down.
I go the place where danger awaits me
and it's bound to forsake me.
So stupid minded.
I can't help it
oh ya, so stupid minded.
But I go crazy when I can't find it,
In the morning, I'll be alright, my friend.
But soon the night will bring the pains,
The pain, oh the pain
Flying high in the friendly sky
Without ever leaving the ground
And I ain't seen nothing but trouble baby
Nobody really understands, no no
-Marvin Gaye

And now I need to crash.

"Cynicism is not realistic and tough. It's unrealistic and kind of cowardly because it means you don't have to try." -Peggy Noonan, presidential speechwriter
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