sitehouse go live

Sitehouse Go Live in Phoenix with Promise Tangeman

I don't know if you guys remember me having this light bulb moment on my Facebook page last month where my status read something to the effect of: I FIGURED OUT MY PURPOSE!! The purpose of my business that is.  Yeah, I was pretty freakin' excited.  This is the kind of stuff that propels me because it allows me to then help others define their own purpose for their business.

So.  What is it?
The purpose of my business is to help women achieve a sense of self worth by promoting faith and imagination.  To inspire and evoke emotions from my images and tell their story through my photography.
And while not every photo I take can fit this exact description, this will always be the goal of my business.  By finally putting into words VERY clearly a greater purpose than to take photos only because I love to, I've been able to pursue specific projects that align with this.  Not just pursue, but like a magnet... I become strongly attracted to be part of it and chase after it.

Which is why I'm over the moon excited that I got to be a small part of the Sitehouse Go Live workshop with Promise Tangeman.  Promise is such an amazing artist and I've always admired her work.  Have you seen her work?!  My role was to photograph the headshots and take behind the scene stills + video.

Y'all.  If y'all could've been there for those headshots!! We put on my Spotify, Alex Evjen pulled out the dry shampoo, and as we yelled out "ohhhh yeah!! Look at you!!" -- the attendees just started to glow.  Promise, Liz, Alex, and I believe so strongly in embracing one's individual style and building the confidence to exhibit it that it was evident the attendees were receiving it.  The combination of identifying their website's visual identity, styling, and cheers made for such a beautiful event. The days went a little like this....

I'm just so happy to have been a part of something like this with these specific women.  When Promise and I talked about the headshots surpassing our expectations, I believed it was because we were all working for the same cause with the same spirit.  I believe that artists can create more impacting and profound work together than apart as individuals.  But it all starts with having a better sense of what drives you and what motivates you so that you can start making intentional decisions and plans.

And now you know the purpose behind what I do :)