sister session

Bella: A Pair of Lovely Sisters

 I was standing in a small room in Vegas, stuffed with people who were there to listen to Albert Tate preach the good word -- yes, at WPPI :)  He kills it every time!  As we shuffled around making room for others I over-heard the girls beside me talking about Arizona.

I don't know what got into me, maybe the conference just made me be a lot more bold about getting to know people, but I simply turned to them and interrupted their conversation: Hi!  I'm sorry to interrupt, but did y'all just say you were from Arizona?  Turns out they were sisters who are also photographers that live in the Valley!! Chatting proceeds, cards are swapped, and good byes are said.

Fast forward to a week later and I run into the sisters again --Taylor and Kacey from About Love Studio -- at the Jasmine Star workshop in Phoenix.  They end up telling me that they'd like me to photograph them for their upcoming updates and I just freeze up with excitement and nervousness.  What a privilege! Needless to say that I was pretty nervous to have photographers in front of my camera as clients, but the planning was like a Pinterest birthday party of ideas.  Yeah, imagine that. Amanda Tzavaras of Makeup By Amanda did such an amazing job -- and the styling?  Well, that's all Taylor and Kacey right there!

There are so many more images I'd love to bombard your eyes with, but I narrowed them to a few of my favorites.  Their color choices were unbelievably amazing to photograph.  You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for About Love's update to see many more!

I'm realizing more and more that my future definitely involves collaborating with creatives.  This is a blog post all on its own, but as I'm pushing forward to continuously define my clients, my plans, and my future -- I just know other photographers will strongly be involved.  I guess I'll have to save those thoughts for another post ;)