showit shoot out 2012

Fashion + Pizza + Showit Shoot Out

I don't even know where to start with this. Seriously.

Do I tell you about how mind blowing Showit as a community is? Do I tell you about the delicious pizza and hilarious conversation I had after this shoot with my Phoenix Showiteers?

A girl can only talk so much. And this girl right here talks. I've been with Showit now for about 3 years and it wasn't until last month that I even knew a Facebook group existed which connected you with local Showiteers. This might sound all foreign (showiteers, shoot out, etc.) -- but the point is that I've never been surrounded with so many creative, encouraging, and challenging artists. Our first event was hosted by the lovely Karie (this girl deserves a blog post alone!) who brought Kasey, Taylor, and Audree to model for us.

I will go ahead and state the obvious: the girls are gorgeous!

It's definitely a little nerve-wrecking to shoot in front of everyone, but once I started pulling the girls individually, I was in my zone..

this LIGHT!

Although I've been in Phoenix now for a year and a half, I'm thankful for how many people have come into my life and share in my journey with me ;) Which means, uh oh.. I'm starting to get attached.

p.s. How do you like my new coral pants?!

A Ross purchase! Their new slogan should be "Like a Boss." Cause that's exactly how my wallet felt.