self confidence

Bella: Brittany Oswald

So here we are at last. You see, we got the business photos out of the way --but now it was time for Brittany to experience a different kind of Imaginale session. After the photos with her camera, the laughter, and candids... she asked for a Bella Session.

In a Bella session the client puts complete trust in me to guide them into a more fashion-forward session with styling and posing -- tailored to their specific personality. Model or not, this is for anyone who is willing to push past their comfort zone, even just a little, and allow me to take them to a special place of simple beauty and self-confidence. To realize that I am with them on every step of this experience, no matter how many stills we take or funny it might feel at first. Because in the end my goal is for them to walk away with a renewed sense of self-confidence and beauty.

And while Brittany was a little shy at first, she immersed herself into this world of feminine beauty and blew me away.

I just love, love, love black and white.

Thank you Brittany for embracing the challenge and trusting me on your journey of growth. To celebrate and take hold of a confidence that sometimes tries to slip away. You have a special kind of beauty and I have no doubt God will continue pushing you to see that :)