second shooting

Hippy to the Hop

I'm in love with this wedding palette!

I really wish I was bold enough to share with you something hysterically embarrassing that happened this wedding weekend while I was assisting. Let's just say I was right behind the groom's son walking into the prep room a little too early. Oh, OH, hey... um, let me just step back outside. Ice breaker? Yeah, not quite. But what else can you do but laugh it off? Pretend it never happened until you hear the story being shared during the football game. That's right. A photographer AND entertainer, my friends. No extra charge for THAT!

The rest of this month is full of wedding weekends, including my first fall bride this coming Friday. I'm excited to be a part of the wedding industry here in Phoenix and to grow closely with the other photographers after being here only a little over a year. Speaking of which, I'll have to share some details with y'all on my branding party!

Isn't this image stunning?

I have it on my Pinterest under "Dance" because there might be a dance shoot in my near future. I've been longing to do a themed/editorial shoot. I can't wait to plan one either very soon, or in November! I have a performance tomorrow night if you're in Phoenix at Dance Time Studio :) I'm pretty nervous and my legs are pretty exhausted, so I'm hoping to push through tomorrow!

Let's just say hip-hop is involved. That's right my friends. Hip. Hop. Hippy to the hop like a digi-log frog.