santa barbara

For the Love of Santa Barbara

Before we get to this...

.. allow me to indulge in the beauty that is Santa Barbara.

As soon as I stepped out of the plane (which was tiny and smelled like wet bread unfortunately), the weather wrapped it's breezy arms around me and tried to seduce me to LIVE THERE.

Already?! Oh Santa Barbara, you move fast.

I couldn't stop staring out of my window when I was picked up by my sweet friend Lupe. Everything looked so quaint and Spanish, everyone was walking and riding their bikes, and my skin kept feeling so dewy. I ate the BEST Mexican and sea food.

This is where Lupe lives (my temporary Santa Barbara home :).

Me: Lupe! Wait, I want to get a photo of you before I leave
Lupe: What?! *appears caught off guard but immediately puts hands on hips and strikes a pose* Ok!

Hahaha. A girl that's always ready for the camera ;) Lupe you were the sweetest host!

Facebook page later today = a sneak peek before revealing the Jose Villa Workshop photos next week. Plus, I'll be posting an engagement session that I'm super excited to share this week right before I leave for Tennessee! This girl cannot wait to see some trees and I can't believe I'll be back on the East Coast after a year of being gone. Sweet tea... here I come. What's one of your favorite cities?